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What do we do after adopting a street cat(Long Hair Dragon Li): 2021 Beginners Guide

It was a sunny day in the middle of July when i found her, a long-hair dragon li meowing inside the bush. She must be starving at that moment because even though she is as small as a child’s hand, she still staggered few steps and tried to come to me. She was small, weak and extremely bony, it didn’t take me long to finally decide to take her home.

This is the first time for me adopting a street cat and i did a lot of research on the internet about all the possible situations and necessary procedures. Here is a list of what i did right after the first day Beef(the adopted cat) come home.

A Comprehensive Examination in Veterinary Hospital

The first and the most important thing, a comprehensive veterinary examination. Taking the street cat to have a body check-up is a must for every adoptive family. Not only for the good of your kitten, also prevent us, our family members from getting affected by any infectious disease. On the other hand, if the kitten has any initiative virus, it is better to find out on the early stage. I took Beef to the hospital right away to have her body checked up and luckily she is surprisingly healthy, no ear mite, no eyes inflation, no cat tinea or other infectious diseases, although the doctor said she is undernourished.

Expel Parasite

Street cat’s previous living environment made vermifuge necessary. The repellent is divided into two types, inside body vermifuge and repellent on cats’ skin. Normally cats should do on-skin repellent once a month and inside body vermifuge accordingly. Beef was nearly two month old and used only half of the regular dosage for the fist time.


Vaccine should be used in all adopted kittens to prevent from infectious diseases. Vaccination is also good for a cat’s immune system.


Tear Stain

New born kitten often have sticky and watery discharge inside their eyes and they can not get away from it themselves. The parents should use cotton swab to softly remove the discharge from their eyes at least three times a day to avoid eye disease and inflation.

Milk Feeding

Kittens younger than three month should be mainly fed with milk, it is wildly known that goats milk is especially good for pets, goats milk provides most nutrition they need. Make the milk warm before feeding, and use feeder to feed the kitten 4-5 times a day, 3-5ml per time.


Keep Them Warm

Beef sleeps with me on the same bed so it would not be a problem, however, if you are planning to put kittens in a cage or outside the room, make sure to provide them semi-closed house or cattery and a blanket if necessary. Small kittens get anxious when their parents are not around, therefore, it is suggested to let them stay around you when they are little.

 Help Them Poop

Small kittens often have trouble pooping properly before they were trained. Mother cat usually lick the kitten’s butt hole to stimulate them pooping. On the other hand, we can also use cotton swab to solve this problem. Using cotton swab to zip in warm water, and softly touch the kitten’s butt hole for several times and put them in the cat sand. Most cats have got their natural instincts and they know just what to do right after you put them into cat sand.


The 7 important tips above are what i have done to change Beef’s life and also let her change mine, I always wanted a British Shorthair because i love their big orange eyes and i started saving for one of them long back, well, my plan was ended by Beef and I love how it went. Beef has grown so much in a fast step, I am hoping she loves her life right now and being healthy always.


To be noticed, there are several ways to simply check if our kittens are in good heath. Firstly we can check on their nose, if the nose is a little wet and does not change color, then he/she is safe. The second way to check on kittens is their butt hole and their poop, if the butt hole is clean and dry, the poop is brown in regular bar shape(not liquid-ish or sheep manure-ish), the cat’s digestion system is working properly. Other perspectives such as their appetite, energy and fur also tell you all about cat’s health situation, what we need to do is to always keep an eye on them and show them more love.

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