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Pet is just another kid in your family. Sometimes they may be naughty enough to put themselves in danger without noticing or they may become a professional "demolition team" that messes up the house. So what can we pet parents do to prevent these from happening?


What do we do after adopting a street cat(Long Hair Dragon Li): 2021 Beginners Guide

It was a sunny day in the middle of July when i found her, a long-hair dragon li meowing inside the bush. She must be starving at that moment because even though she is as small as a child’s hand, she still staggered few steps and tried to come to me. She was small, weak and extremely bony, it didn’t take me long to finally decide to take her home...

Why My Cat Prefers Cartons Instead of the Cat Tree?

Have you ever found that your cat prefers to stay in the cartons instead of the cat tree you bought? You bought your cat a lovely fluffy cat tree, but he/she did not like it at all. Here I would like to share my experience and advice. If you have the same situation, I hope this passage will help you.

Will Dogs Forget Their Owners? The Owners Said...

Searching the question ‘how long takes a dog to completely forget their owners’ on Quora, we are surprised to see so many owners say ‘No’ and even ‘Never’. For example, one teacher who has 7 lovely pups said: “Dogs never forget anyone that they formed an emotional attachment to.”
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