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About Us

OUR MISSION – Bring comfort and convenience to pets and pet parents.


PAWSCOO is a pet-oriented store based in California and run by a group of pet lovers and dedicated to giving our little angels with a cozy lovely home.

We specialize in designing and providing qualified and safe bird cages, cat trees and dog playpens.

Instead of a seller, we see ourselves as a pet owner while we design.

Therefore, the practicability, aesthetics, safety and comfort are thoroughly considered and presented in our pet supplies as much as possible.

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So far, we have developed more than 30 cat trees, 20 bird cages and 10 dog playpens varied in size, color and purpose.

To make sure our products worth your every penny, we utilize the capital in the crucial elements of our works like designing and quality, optimize our product line and cut down the additional costs of shipping and warehousing.

In a nutshell, we offer quality and well-designed pet supplies at an affordable price, and we have faith in that.


Impossible Low Price

We offer our customers at affordable prices all over the world. Our quality control has strict standards to ensure products are selected carefully. With our three large-scale manufacture bases, we can reduce the direct costs and provide impossible low prices.


Fast Delivery & Real Inventory

 PAWSCOO has an advanced warehouse inventory system.

 All of our products are stored in our inventory and shipped out when any order is placed.
 Unlike other online retailers, we ship directly from our own warehouse in the USA.

By establishing our warehouses in these countries, we can service our customers with faster deliveries. Your packages will be picked up and delivered out by our carriers within 24-72 hours.

Dedicated Customer Service

PAWSCOO is dedicated in offering better than good customers service.

In fact, our customer service is here to help.

Going above and beyond in replying to any inquiry related to product requirements, package descriptions, tracking numbers, warranties, and our return policy.

We'd also love to hear from you on how we can help you to improve our services and store.


In our team, we have three special “product inspectors” to give the functionality of our products a final check on behalf of their fellows.

Roxy-a beautiful little budgie with sleek sky-blue feather

Roxy is a family and friend of Ray, our founder, and it can be said that, Roxy is the inspiration of PAWSCOO.

During the life with Roxy, Ray found that there were always some inconvenient and unreasonable design flaws in Roxy’s house.

For example, the spilled feed messes around the room every time when Roxy eats, while the immobile cage always blocks the way when cleaning.

All these disappointments sparked Ray’s interest of designing the ideal bird cage for Roxy and himself, and this is how PAWSCOO started.

Simba-a mature and cool silver British shorthair

Simba is our cat tree experiencer. Her owner, Yolanda Hecht, is the designer of PAWSCOO team.

To make Simba quickly gets familiar with the new cat furniture and also out of the consideration for the cat’s health, we decide to test in Yolanda’s home rather in the workplace so that Simba can take her time to accept and enjoy.

Therefore, Yolanda always says “Simba gets her new toy, I get my muscles.”, for she needs to carry unassembled cat trees to her house and set them up.

Yuki-a naughty milk chocolate poodle

Yuki is a happy living marshmallow owned by Jonas, our liaison. Yuki just lights up the room with joy, like a little angel, every time she comes to the office. Well, now she seems to be a bit confused that why every time she enters this room for fun seeking but always ends up in a playpen.

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