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Buying Guide: How to Choose a Suitable Cat Tree for Your Cat?

As a cat owner, a cat tree or a cat condo is a must for you and your cat/cats. When you shop online, you will find it’s overwhelming and difficult to choose a suitable and desirable cat tree. There are lots of various options available. They range in different sizes, materials, and functions. Do not worry. After reading this article, hope you will know more about cat trees and choose a suitable cat tree successfully for your cat. Then let’s read on.

cat tree

The Importance of Cat Trees

What is a cat tree? The cat tree is a piece of equipment for cats to climb, perch, sleep, play, and scratch. An equipped and fully functional cat tree comes with a scratching post, a stable base, a high perch and a “house” for sleeping or curling. The scratching post is a must for cats’ claws. The perch is for cats sitting or standing high. 

cat tree

Why do you need to buy a cat tree?

Cats are active; they do sufficient activities every day. They enjoy jumping, running, hiding, scratching, and lounging, which makes them healthy and happy.

A suitable and good-quality cat tree is exactly such a place for cats to do those activities.

Besides, a cat tree can provide your cat with a place to keep away from the ground. Some cats are scared of the robot, vacuum cleaner, RC car, or children’s toys.

Plus, cats like to stand high for knowing everything happening, or look out of the window to think about their cats’ life.

cat tree

Except for daily activities, setting up a cat tree will avoid your furniture from being scratched and getting shredded. Cats are good at scratching.

No matter how many times you stop them, they still scratch it, your sofa, rattan chairs, or tablecloth, etc.

A cat tree comes with a scratching post will be a good alternative to meet their hobby.


How to Pick a Suitable Cat Tree?

Generally speaking, a suitable cat tree shall be suitable for your cats from the following aspects, size, material, appearance, accessories, the number of cats, and cost you would pay for. You also need to take your cat’s size, personality, habits into consideration. Here are some noteworthy things you need to remember when you buy your cat a suitable and perfect cat tree.

  • Size

cat tree

Cat trees come in different sizes. Some are simple and some have multiple functions.

When you choose a cat tree for your cat, first you need to choose the right size. It not only fits in the place where you are going to set it up, but also suitable for your cat’s size, small breeds or large breeds.

The platform should be high enough for your cat to climb, and the condo should be big enough for your cat to sleep.

So, remember to check the specific dimension before you buy. Your cat’s personality does matter, too. If your cat is active and likes playing, a large and multifunctional cat tree will prevail.

If your cat is peaceful and docile, a simple cat tree with a platform on the top and a comfy bed is better. The number of cats you have is also important.

A large tower condo with more platforms and beds will be the best for two cats or more.

However, if your cat is too old to jump or climb, medium size will be fine. Buy a larger cat tree for your baby kitty.

cat tree

  • Appearance
The size and appearance of cat trees are correlative. The simplest type is small and comes with a scratching post and a platform.
By contrast, a more elaborate cat tree usually has a platform for perching, a post for scratching, a cradle for lying or lounging, and a house for hiding or sleeping, as well as toys for fun.
Tall cat trees are better than wide cat trees because tall cat trees are space-saving, and also provide different levels for cats to climb.
By the way, the cat tree with a scratching post is strongly recommended, which is made from durable and rough rope.
This will helpfully prevent your furniture from cats scratching since they have a better alternative.

cat tree

Also, the appearance and color of the cat tree should be matching with your residential decorations for integral aesthetic feeling.
This cat tree shall be not standing out and obtrusive. The black, gray, blue, brown and beige are common because these colors are similar to the cat fur, and won’t look dirty when cat furs adhere to.
  • Material

Cat trees are usually made of solid wood, particle boards, fabric, rope, and carpet. Solid wood is more durable than the other.

Particleboards are less durable but economical. The surface of cat trees is made from faux fabric, cloth or carpet. Carpet is soft and cozy, so cats love this type a lot.

Some cats like to scratch on the carpet, and some are fond of rope. Make sure which kind of preference your cat has before buying.
Have you ever found that your cat likes playing and staying in the carton or the packing box instead of the carpet cat tree you buy for him/her?
Or, your cat usually goes outside, and always climbs trees or runs up to the roof. If so, a wood or particleboard cat tree will be his/her taste.


  • Stability and Durability

The stability and durability are other essential factors you should consider if you want a perfect cat tree.

First, the base must be stable to avoid overbalancing and wobbling when cats are playing. No matter when the cat scratches the post, goes up and down or rolls on the platform, the cat tree should be sturdy enough.

Second, the cat tree must be durable for a long time. Cat trees are not single-use, and a perfect cat tree is a place for cats to play, lounge and sleep.

Cats will always play and stay on it once they fall in love with it. If the cat tree is not stable and durable, it will be a waste and a danger.

Therefore, you need to check the load-bearing capacity of the cat tree to see if this cat tree can bear your cat or cats.

It is suggested that put the cat tree on the flat and clear ground or locate the cat tree in a corner against the wall for more stability.

cat tree

  • Cost

Except for the major factors discussed above, you also need to think about the price you plan to pay for.

Generally, a small good cat tree costs around $50 to $100, to $200 for large ones, however, it depends on the quality of the cat tree.

A good-quality cat tree will not be very cheap. Just consider all the features and specifications comprehensively and buy a most suitable cat tree for you and your cat.

About Assembly

There are some pre-assembled cat trees, or you can buy a fully-assembled cat tree in the pet store while the options are limited. It is advised that you buy it online and make a comparison.

The assembly is required, but it is not that difficult. All of the accessories and instruction are included for your convenience. The ease or complexity depends on the type of cat tree you buy.

The more elaborate the cat tree is, the more time and effort you will spend. If you have any problem, you can contact the customer service for further assistance.

 cat tree


  1. Please make sure the size of the product fits your pet before purchasing. Check the carrying capacity of platforms and inner size of condos especially.
  2. For your information, cat tree, cat condo, cat tower, or cat house, these terms all refer to the same product. We use “cat tree” here for unity and simplification.
  3. Make sure that the height of the cat tree fits in your room without hitting the ceiling, unless you plan to buy a skyscraper of the cat tower.
  4. The materials of cat trees are flammable; please keep the cat tree dry and away from fire.
  5. Remember to clean the cat tree regularly.
  6. If you have more than one cat, choose a large cat tree with several platforms and condos to provide more space for them.


Cat trees are just tailor-made for feline friends. Good quality of cat trees can work well for a long time. Shop around and choose the best one for your cat’s personality, habit, and preference.

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