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6 Must-Know Birdcage Buying Tips

If you are a new bird parent, congratulations on having a new member in your family! Treated with abundant love and care, your bird will be a heartwarming friend for many years. The next task is to choose a cozy comfy home for them. If you still get lost in the sea of bird cages, here are some tips may help you make up your mind!

bird cage

Tip No.1: Choosing the appropriate bar spacing is choosing safety.

Bar spacing is the room between bars of the bird cage, and there may be some security risks if you pick it wrongly.

Bird’s head can squeeze out through the bars if the bar spacing is too large and very likely be stuck.

Conversely, if the spacing is too small, you and your birdie’s sight can be blocked and can’t see or know each other well!

Therefore, decent bar spacing helps your little friend get familiar with its new home as soon as possible, and keep them safe as well.

Bar Spacing Guidelines

Bird Size




X-Large Birds

Bar Spacing

Up to 0.5’’









African Grey-Timneh or Congo

Cockatoo (L)-







Cockatoo (S-L)-Goffin to Umbrella

Macaw (L)- Blue & Gold, Scarlet, Hyacinth, Green-wing



Macaw (S-M)-Hahns/Noble, Mini




Tip No.2, Buy the largest cage you can afford.

People love big houses, so do birds. Moreover, they originally belong to the vast nature. So at least, you should prepare a spacious room for them to walk around and fully spread and flap their wings.

Such a cage allows space for food, water, bowls, toys, perches and swings, a full housing package for your bird to feel like home.

As for the length and width of the cage, it is suggested that the bird's tail will not touch walls of the bird cage while sitting on the perch, and the width should be at least 1.5 times your bird's wingspan.

bird cage


Tip No.3: Pay attention to the quality and craftsmanship.

Evaluate the overall quality of a bird cage for your vulnerable birdies before placing the order.

What is the material? What kind of paint/surface treatment does the cage apply? Does it appear sturdy and strong enough to survive those destructive beaks?

The ideal bird cage is made of stainless steel or metal powder-coated with non-toxic and water-resistant paint, which is anti-rust, easy to clean and safe if your birds peck.

bird cage

Also make sure that there is no pointed or sharp edge or corner exposed in neither the inner nor exterior of the cage.

The prime purpose of the cage is to protect your little friends from the potential hazards in the house (like heated pots, swirling fans), so the cage itself should be reliable.

Tip No. 4, The mobility of the cage really matters, you will realize it sooner or later.

Before choosing a cage, you should know your friend’s preference well.

Birds are naturally tree dwellers, so they feel safer up high and see what’s going on around them.

What’s more, birds in nature love socialization. They need company and enough stimulation/toys, otherwise, they may pluck their feathers because of boredom.

And also, your susceptible feathered friends are vulnerable to fume, continuous heat and cold air…

After receiving all the messages above, you can have the idea of where to place your birdcage and what quality it should acquire.

An ideal birdcage should be chest-level high and able/easy to move around the house for more convenience. Your little friend’s cage should be exposed to plenty of natural light.

However, most bird experts agree that it's stressful for a bird to have her cage directly in front of a window. In the meanwhile, the cage should be located in a well-trafficked part of the home.

Therefore, birdcages sit on wheels can save you many efforts when moving.

bird cage

Tip No.5: Shape and style make difference.

Rule number 1: never go for a round cage. Round cages are dangerous for the dwellers as they could easily get beak, tail, or entire foot or ankle caught in the small space where the bars gather at the dome.

Rectangular and square cages are more preferable when it comes to safety and functionality. These cages are more spacious and the interior space can be better used.

bird cage

Besides, there are a variety of cage top styles for different purposes – functionality and aesthetics.

In the aspect of functionality, there are cage tops with handles for easy carry. And to meet the pet owners’ requirement of interaction with birds, the kind of bird cages with playtops that have extra perches, ladders and feeders on top outside the cage is a new trend.

The simplified version of playtop is open top, which can be opened and stretched with a perch.

As for the aesthetical purpose, the popular bird cage on the market can be generally classified into 3 types – flat roof, curved roof, and gable roof.

bird cage

Tip No.6: Select a bird-oriented but also pet owner-friendly cage.

Remember the cage is not all for your bird, your convenience should be considered as well. Choosing a cage with feeder doors is easy for you to access the feeders without opening the front door and scare your birds.

bird cage

A slide-out sand tray and seed guard are also necessary for effortless cleaning.

bird cage

Some 2-in-1 birdcages with a detachable rolling rack allow flexible and easy moving in the house and you can choose to use it with or without the rack according to your needs.

If you want a cage with a stand, it’s space-efficient to have a storage shelf built in the stand, so as to place bird feed and accessories.

bird cage


Last but not least, the lock on the cage door can keep your birds safe in their home while you’re not around. But it should be sophisticated enough, or your future escape artists may crack it!

bird cage

A decent birdcage will provide its inhabitants and the owner many years of use and pleasure. Birds spend most of their lives in the cage, and just like us, need a safe, cozy and relaxing home.

So help your birds choose a sweet home that will meet all their needs and your expectations!

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