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Do You Know How to Buy your Dog a Perfect Dog Playpen

Dogs are naturally active and they enjoy playing and running every day. As their great partner and owner, you need to make sure that your dogs have adequate daily activities.

It is good for their health and happiness. You cannot leave them completely unattended, or always keep them in a narrow crate.

Therefore, having a safe and limited entertainment space in your house or yard is necessary. Playpens will be the best choice for this end.

What is the dog playpen?

The dog playpen is a piece of useful equipment for dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. It is practical and versatile.

Playpens work well as an area to spaciously contain your dogs, as well as a great way to give your dogs plenty of space for playing and moving around.

Why choose playpens?

Offer a safe and fixed place for pets’ entertainment. Puppies are so young and still in the learning stage. Some dogs are naughty and trouble makers. They need to be taken care of at every moment to keep away from troubles and dangers. When you are busy and have no time to attend to them, you need to give your dog a safe place to move around by themselves. That is exactly what playpens do.

To give pets some space, it is an option to close off or set aside some room in your house. Yet, you need to buy lots of materials and tools and make holes in the wall. This will be laborious, time-consuming and destroy the beauty of your house. Why not buy a free-standing pet playpen? A playpen makes your pets comfortable and your life easier.

Here is another situation. Sometimes you may want to separate your dog from children, guests, friends, etc; at this moment, playpens can help.

Playpens are spacious and big enough to contain them, also including their bowls and toys.

Not only for indoor uses, playpens can also be used in the open air. No more crating or leaving him/her inside.

The indoor and outdoor dual-use allows you and your dog enjoy the sunshine out of the door together. Plus, most playpens are foldable for convenient carrying and storage.

You can take it along when you and your dog go camping, play on the beach or stroll in the park.

What things do you need to consider when you pick a dog playpen?

Dog playpens range in various materials, sizes, shapes, colors, etc. Different sizes of playpens are suitable for different dog breeds.

Generally, the materials have plastic, metal or cloth. To perfect customer experience, some playpens are equipped with a special device, like a mat, a mesh window, a skylight.

Conveniently, most dog playpens are connected by several panels, so that they can be set up for use and then folded for storage.

When you look for a dog playpen, you will find that it is a little confusing and hard to decide because there are so many different types. To make this easier, here are some important points that you need to take into account when you buy a dog playpen.


  • The Size of the Playpen The Size of Your Dog

First of all, the size is the primary factor that you need to consider. Whether this playpen accommodates your dog’s size spaciously, and provides enough space for your dog moving around.

Check the specifications of the playpen, and measure your dog’s size before buying. What’s more, this playpen shall be suitable for the intended place where you will set up the playpen.

If you are going to buy a playpen for a puppy, you need to remember that he/she is growing up. Thus, the size of the playpen shall not be just right for the puppy. It should be bigger.

dog playpen

Some playpens are suitable for large dog breeds, like Golden Retriever, Husky, Shepherd dog, or Border Collie.

Some playpens are specially designed for baby dogs or other small pets, like rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, and so on. The common sizes on the market are in four panels, six panels, eight panels, twelve panels, and sixteen panels.

The heights of playpen usually are 24in, 32in, 34in, 40in, and 45in.

  • The Material of the Playpen

Secondly, the material does matter to the playpen and affects a lot, from the aspect of safety, durability, weight, and so on. Generally speaking, most playpens are made from plastic, metal, and cloth combining mesh.

1. Plastic Playpens 

Plastic playpens are popular because they are safe, lightweight, waterproof and won’t rust. Plastic playpens are light so that you can carry it conveniently.

Due to the water resistance, you can put the plastic playpen in the house or outside. However, they may be not suitable for active and large breeds due to lightweight. You will find that the dog runs around with his/her playpen together.

If your dog is well-behaved and gentle, then a plastic playpen would work.

2. Metal Playpens

Metal playpens are more wear-resistant, heavy-duty, and durable than plastic playpens and cloth playpens.

That is why most dog owners choose metal playpens. Metal playpens are made from powder-coated iron/steel, so they are suitable both for indoors and outdoors, and won’t rust.

However, metal playpens are not that safe for a puppy. It worries that dogs would be stuck or hurt. If you are going to set the playpen in the house, the metal bottom might scratch the floor without rubber/plastic pads accompanied.

3. Fabrics + Mesh Playpens

Besides plastic playpens and metal playpens, there are also fabric & mesh playpens available.

This kind of playpen is light, soft and safe. The light material makes playpens portable and easy to carry around.

Nevertheless, mesh parts are not durable and wear-resistant enough, especially if your dog likes chewing and digging.

The cloth & mesh playpen is not a good option for active, naughty and destructive dogs.

  • Appearance & Accessories

The popular dog playpens usually are detachable and built by multiple connecting panels.

The shape of the playpen can be changed as you need, like quadrilateral, hexagon, octagon, etc. Or, you can buy several playpens to DIY the shapes as you want.

Except coming with a door, some playpens also have other add-ons, such as mats, windows, or a skylight on the top.

The cloth & mesh playpen is like a delicate tent cabin; the metal and plastic playpen is relatively simple and just like a fence.

  • Cost

The cost is also important. According to the difference of materials, the metal playpens may be more expensive than plastic playpens and cloth playpens. Besides, the appearance and accessories of playpens affect the cost, too. More complicated and delicate the playpen is, higher the price will be.

Therefore, decide how much you plan to spend on, and work out a budget before you buy.

Matters Need Attention

Here are other points you need to keep in mind when you looking for an ideal playpen for your dog.

  • If your dog likes chewing everything, the plastic playpen is not recommended. If your dog is a master of escape, it is recommended that buy a playpen with a cover, or make sure the playpen is high enough to avoid he/she jumps out.
  • If you choose to buy a metal playpen for your dog, you must be careful to check whether there are some sharp metal parts which may hurt your dog.
  • When the playpen is set up outside, make sure your dog is in shade and away from direct sunlight. And, make sure he/she has plenty of water and necessary food.
  • If you find the playpen is not stable enough, even moving around with the dog, you can use a stopper or something heavy to stabilize it.


If you would like to let your pet play and moving around happily rather than keep him/her in the crate or a confined room, a playpen will be a great choice for you and your pet. It is not only a useful tool but also makes your life easier.





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